SHIBUYA-AX is a maximum of 1500 persons’ large-sized live house which can be accommodated standing. The impression of foyer which spends the time before and behind a concert is characteristic. Music CD is stuck on the ceiling whole surface, and the scenery of foyer is reflected vacantly. An external wall and fittings are made of the plastic plate of milk white, and the whole shines brightly with the light of the fluorescent light attached in inside. The figure of people who are in foyer with the light becomes a silhouette. Moreover, if it becomes dark, the long and slender line of the fluorescent paint drawn on the external wall will emerge, and appearance will be impressed.

データ DATA
所在地 Location:東京都渋谷区 Shibuya, Tokyo
構造 Structure:鉄骨造 Steel
延床面積 Total Area:2,285m2
竣工 Completion date:2000
プロデュース Produce:笹川商事 Sasagawa-Shoji

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