KH-2 is a wheeled unit which can be led and moved with a car. When in movement, its roof and floor folded, each unit takes the shape of a cylinder with a diameter of 2,7 meters and a length of 6 meters. When it is still the sides open, with the floor and the roof spreading like eaves. Its flexibility of use makes it possible to build a temporary information booth by using one unit, as well as creating a big event space by connecting a whole set of units. KH-2 was actually realized in a factory manufacturing special trailer trucks. A customized car was therefore made possible through a selection of materials, the detailing of the connections and the movable parts.Here, with the use of one kitchen counter set type, a server apparatus type, and 4 normal types, an Internet-Cafe is built combining a total of 6 sets of KH-2. The overall plan based on a “U” shape with a wooden deck added later, help creating a cafe with an opened terrace style.

データ DATA
所在地 Location:東京都渋谷区 Shibuya, Tokyo
構造 Structure:アルミモノコック造 Aluminum Monocoque
延床面積 Total Area:16*6m2
竣工 Completion date:2001.03
プロデュース Produce:笹川商事 Sasagawa-Shoji

トーマス | Thomas