RON Corporation Office | オフィス アールオーエヌ

 This is a renovation project for a office from a shipping storage.We defined “Communication Street” berween the desk zone and the meeting zone. And We designed it as the multi-purpose space like a main street in the city the staff get infomation, take a rest, contact each other positively, and designed the various parts and space to induce each communication. On the other hand, in the meeting zone, we desingned 3 meeting box there, they made the new various meeting spaces around them using the translucent partitions.

データ DATA
所在地 Location:埼玉県戸田市 Toda Saitama
延床面積 Total Area:561.6m2(オフィス部分 Only Office)
竣工 Completion date:2010.02
企画 Planning:DWP
DWP 須川ラボとの共同設計 Collaborated with DWP Sugawa Lab.
施工 Contractor:DWP
写真 Photo:須川ラボ