Cafe Tappino | カフェ タッピーノ

 This cafe is a former bank office located in Toride Ino danchi estate. For the floor,the counter, the external deck, 2×4 wood structures used for a previous exhibition were recycled. The central table has a shape reminding customers of the site of the project. The danchi building models on the table are lit up by lighting hidden under the table. Now the cafe is managed as the office and the art space of the whole estate.

データ DATA
所在地 Location:茨城県取手市 Toride Ibaraki
延床面積 Total Area:99.9m2
竣工 Completion date:2008
運営 Management:取手アートプロジェクト Toride Art Project
施工 Contractor:大利根建設 みかんぐみ MIKAN
写真 Photo:清水玄 Gen Shimizu